The Company

When we were founded we had very clear goals in mind:

  • To spread as much awareness as possible
  • To help people identify the various kinds of addictions including not just substance addiction but also behavioral addiction and compulsive habits that are now recognized as problems.
  • Give people enough information for them to identify that they or their loved one has a problem that needs help.
  • To be an approachable organization that provides holistic treatment and guides a person towards recovery.

In our attempt to spread awareness, we not only aim for affected people but also family and loved ones who often tend to live in denial or not come to terms with the fact that their loved ones are suffering from a problem and that there is a solution for this.

We also try our best to connect with the affected individual and help by providing various treatment programs that can help a person.

While we understand that spreading awareness is important, you also provide competitive treatment options. We are not your conventional profit making organization but in fact, aim to save lives and in turn saving families from a potential break down.

Whenever a person is in doubt or feels the need for assistance, you can always get in touch with us. Our trained personnel will not just help you clear any doubts or concerns but will also guide you towards the correct path. And this we do without having any ulterior motives other than saving lives.

While we do our best to help you overcome any addiction, we will never want to overtake any medical opinion that a physician provides you. We aim to work in sync with any existing treatments that are going on.

In case you or your family or loved one are suspected to be in any potential danger you must always get in touch with emergency service who will be able to help you out. With us, we aim to help you get on the right path and stay on it without relapse.